Glengarry Mustangs

Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron 379

2017_opening night.jpg

The 379 family: 

Staff: Commanding officer: Capt. Alain Léger, Training officer, DCO: Capt. Cheryl McBean, Admin Officer: Capt. Heather Penner, Supply Officer: S.Lt. Ronald Holla, Capt. Victor Penner, C.I.: Kevin Lerman, Groundschool: Daniel Leveillee

Squadron Sponsoring Committee: Chair: Terry Arthurs, Treasurer + website: Marius Bauer, Secretary: Heather Vander Byl, Francine Faucher, Danny LaCasse, Michael Oertle

Watch this video of the SNOWBIRDS during the Gatineau Air Show on 30 June 2015. Video by Jonathan Holla.


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